Ramblings By AXIS!

Rants, Raves, and Commentary!

Below you will find my personal ravings about the wrestling business and those involved in it.  My thoughts and commentary will be both candid and literate.  So read on if you dare and check back regulary for more insight into the way my mind works!

Heel Of The Month Club!

March's Heel Of The Month is none other than Rick Rude.When I was a little AXIS Rick Rude carried himself as every woman's fantasy and every man's idol... a sentiment that your Mighty One fully can relate to .  All hail the Rude One!

Thoughts About the Business.

The Fire?  The fire is what drives me and my partner throughout the days and the weeks. It is passion, it is ambition and it is love.  A love for the business, and a love for the fans and the workers.  We are perfomers when it is said and done.  Some may be more show than others, but we all love the spectacle of what we do and who we are. 

It is hard sometimes to keep the fire burning, in spite of how much we love the business.  Like everything in life, there is an ebb and flow of our fire due to a variety of reasons.  However, I know from first hand experience that when the fire is ignited within you, and you become a worker, nothing else burns inside you like that flame. 

By our very nature, wrestlers burn brightly but not long when its all said and done.  We want to burn bright enough so that the old gods wake and notice us just once more.  We want everyone who cares to to be heated and warmed by our fire.  Long live the fire! 



Wrestling Promoter Of The Month!

The honoree is Shady.  Shady does our booking, as well as the booking for Buff Bagwell, Rick Steiner, and Lex Luger.  Shady has hooked your Dynamic Duo up with matches with some of the legends of the sport and 2005 promises to be a banner year for your B.O.D.  Thanks, baby!

"DTA...Don't Trust Anyone!"

DTA... A catch prashe uttered by Stone Cold Steve Austin to get over with the crowd, but an insider's perspective on the business.  In the business there has been only one person I can trust and that has been my tag team partner Python.  Everyone else seems to have their own agenda's and they do not mind stabbong you in the back to farther that agenda. 

That's ok!  The Mighty Python and I are going to screw 'em all when it is said and done.  I look forward to making money, breaking hearts across the world, and carving a niche for mine and Python's legacy.  See you at the finish line! 


January's Word Of The Month is...PATHOS!

Look it up Bitch!