The Botherhood Of Destruction Travel and Results Page

Travel Schedule and Results Page

Below you will find the Travel Schedule for The Brotherhood Of Destruction and Results from our matches.

Travel Schedule!

September 17th  IPW REUNION SHOW, St Petersburg, FL

September 27th NWA TNA Orlando, FL

October 8th Super Star Wrestling Federation Wakefield, WVA

October 15th AWA Orlando, FL

October 22nd and 23rd, NWA TNA Orlando, FL

October 29th Crude Wrestling Alliance Deland, FL

November 5th PWWF, St. Petersburg, FL (TENTATIVE)



This weekend the Brotherhood faced the tag team of MIND N' MATTTER which is comprised of Dr. heresy and Don Juan DeSanto.  The match took place at the IPW reunion show.  As you must know, your Brotherhood emerged victorious after Don Juan DeSanto had the severe displeasure of experienceing the Brotherhood's new finishing moon "THE HAND OF GOD!"   We may have left a mark.





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